History of IDIA

An important objective of IDIA is to provide mentoring for career establishment and training pathways for newly arrived Indian Doctors and at the same time to provide support during the challenges of the cultural transition period. We also emphasize an apolitical and secular approach whilst celebrating Indian festivals. This will enable members and their families to interact socially and introduce the younger generation to the joy and sense of community purpose that these events bring into our lives.

Moving forward, we want to use this platform to uplift the needy, back home as well in Australia, especially in areas of health and literacy as well as providing aid in times of crisis.

Membership Benefits

Networking Opportunities

IDIA will share its member directory with similar organisations across Australia, such as the Australian Indian Medical Association of WA(INC), South Australia Indian Medical Association and others. This will create an avenue for professional networking among doctors from diverse fields and be useful for someone planning to relocate or look for new opportunities.

Coordinating with overseas medical groups for community support projects

IDIA will strive to establish a connection with Indian based medical associations in other countries to help coordinate support projects for members across the globe.

1:1 mentoring for newly arriving doctors

The training pattern in India is entirely different, and we do not have the concept of GP training back home. Young doctors who emigrate to Australia often find it challenging to understand and navigate the various training pathways. IDIA will have a registry of General Practitioners and specialists who would volunteer to provide 1:1 mentoring to newly-arrived doctors.

Social, cultural, and sporting activities for adults and children

Once the restrictions are eased, IDIA will hold a minimum of 6 activities per calendar year. This will include gala dinners, festival celebrations (Diwali, Holi, Eid, Christmas, etc.), and indoor and outdoor sporting events. In addition, IDIA will organise cultural, educational, and fun activities especially for children, including debates, quizzes, dance and singing performances, etc.

Community projects in India and Australia

IDIA will support and establish community projects in India and Australia in times of need or crisis. IDIA will endeavour to create projects specifically to support education, women’s empowerment, and primary disease prevention in India.

IDIA Members Directory

Coming Soon…

Membership Fees

2 Years membership free if registered before 3oth April 2024.

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