Our Story

The idea behind the creation of ‘Indian Doctors in Australia (IDIA)’ was conceived in early 2021 when a group of doctors of Indian origin based in Australia started discussing the need and advantages of having an organisation of such nature. This group consisted of both Indian trained doctors who had migrated to Australia and young doctors who had received their medical training in Australia. The group had representation from various fields of medicine, including from the world of General Practitioners, radiologists, Intensive Care Specialists, physicians, surgeons, and trainee doctors.

The main domains that IDIA would support would include creating a platform for social networking for Australian doctors of Indian origin, creating avenues for mentoring for Indian doctors trained back home to enable them to navigate the Australian training pathways successfully, protect the interests and wellbeing of its members, create meaningful contributions for the needy in India primarily focusing on health, literacy, children and women empowerment and at the same time, be able to serve and help the Australian Indian community, and the larger Australian community in times of crisis.

About Us

We warmly welcome you to the ‘Indian Doctors in Australia’ (IDIA) website.

IDIA is a non-profit support group for Australian and Indian trained doctors. We are proud to have representation from the diversity of medical fields such as General Practice, Radiology, Intensive Care, Physicians and Surgeons etc.

We offer opportunities for professional, educational and social networking, whether it is for a GP center looking for a geriatrician for its clinics, or simply seeking expert opinion.

Membership Benefits

  • Networking Opportunities
  • Coordinating with overseas medical groups for community support projects
  • 1:1 mentoring for newly arriving doctors
  • Social, cultural, and sporting activities for adults and children
  • To support and participate in community projects in India and Australia

Our Events

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